Craig Heron

Lloyd offers professional, adaptable, tailored plans to athletes across the globe, regardless of their individual goals. He's always available for encouragement and advice and the results the team get speak for themselves. Speaking of the team - what a great bunch of people. They are exactly what you need from a team and are encouraging, supportive and friendly!

Becky Hasedine

Lloyd is an incredibly professional and friendly coach. My running has improved dramatically since I joined Team Project Run. Its so much more than just having an online coach, TPR is its own community - and its a great community to be a part of! Everyone is so supportive no matter what anyone’s goals are, and you’ll normally find a TPR cheer squad at the big races! 
I couldn’t recommend Lloyd highly enough

Sarah Hall

I have been with Team Project Run for 6 weeks and love it. You have a personalised schedule each week or couple of weeks and each session you update your coach via the training app or online. The Coach is brilliant and tailors your plan to achieve your goals. The plan is also to work for you so is flexible with work/uni/family commitments that you have. The coach is very approachable and always on hand to give you advice and guide you. Not only that but you get to communicate with all the Team Project Run Family which is amazing for support. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me now I am coached by Team Project Run

Adam Brown

Lloyd is the hardest working person in the business and a great guy. I joined TPR as a sporadic runner with a 30 min parkrun and due to Lloyd's expertise and investment in me I'll hopefully be cracking a 3hr marathon this year. With the health and social benefits brought from being part of TPR it has quite literally changed my life.

Andy Messenger

I had already run a few marathons and a couple of ultras before I joined TPR on a recommendation from a friend. I wanted to take my running to a new level and really needed help and structure to do it. That is exactly what I’ve got! A coach who understands me and my goals, a plan that fits my life and a group of like minded runners keen to share in each other’s successes. So far a few PBs have already come my way but the best thing is how good I feel knowing my plan is tailored and I can ask if I’m not sure! Brilliant
*****feels important to add that by trusting the TPR process and Lloyd I managed to run my first Sub 3 marathon at London this year, honestly a barrier I never felt possible before